Leap Systems is staffed with software and systems engineers with extensive experience on both commercial and government projects.


With a strong desire to put innovative tools in the hands of engineers, Leap Systems is committed to advancing the Systems Engineering process.


Future plans include: support for additional platforms, the introduction of new features, and cooperation with artificial intelligence initiatives.

Deployment on Oracle | SQL Server | MySQL

Leap SE Web is built on Java Server Faces and Ajax technology with driver support for Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. The application runs on either jre6 or jre7, and is preconfigured for use with Oracle GlassFish Server (OSG) and Apache Tomcat. Contact Leap Systems for questions on compatibility with other platforms. The multi-user, transactional architecture is designed to support as many simultaneous users (or connections) that the host database is configured to support.

At its core, Leap SE is a natural-language processor based on established UML principles. By applying an innovative business rules engine, Leap SE automatically translates natural English statements into objects, attributes, methods, and relationships. Every time a new requirement is saved in Leap SE, the object model database is updated to reflect the new entities, attributes, and associations, which can be readily exported to other CASE tools for software development (in the form of Java, C++, or VB-SQL files).

Attribute Template Event Template Object/Data Model View Main Page/Login

Leap SE Web’s tab-oriented UI provides an intuitive way for users to quickly navigate and work in different templates—all at the click of a button.


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