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Compose with Templates

Using natural English and easy-to-use templates, Leap SE accelerates the composition process, facilitating the development of specifications that are concise, expressive, and complete. The result is a cohesive set of buildable and testable requirements that can be easily understood by stakeholders at all levels, from test engineers to upper-level management and customers in virtually any industry. Download Free Trial Version


  • 18 functional templates for capturing system behavior
  • 4 structural templates for defining entities, attributes, and relationships
  • Builder for creating your own, custom templates
  • ICD template for Message definition
  • Freeform editor for composing non-functional, technical and business requirements
  • "Cloning" to quickly fashion one requirement from another

Key Features

  • Requirement editing and version tracking
  • Integrated pick-lists to promote consistency among users
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) for managing and querying your database
  • Model growth with every saved requirement
  • Object and data model generation directly from your requirements repository
  • Formatted C++, Java, and SQL file output
  • Quick path to creating ERDs from auto-generated SQL scripts
  • Ability to export your RTM and models anytime, anywhere

Product Notes

  • Multi-user access in a transactional architecture
  • Readily hosted on Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL databases
  • Pre-configured for Oracle GlassFish Server (OGS) and Apache Tomcat
  • Fully compatible with jre6 and jre7 VMs
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 - 32 or 64-bit OS
  • Browser-friendly: Use with IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, and others...
  • Adaptable to the most popular Agile procesess

Empower Your Engineers

More projects falter and run into cost overruns due to poor requirements definition than due to any other reason. Agile processes expect a CASE tool that has minimal overhead, rich features, and a built-in software sensibility. Leap SE shortens the development lifecycle by accelerating the production of descriptive, unambiguous requirements—and models—that give developers a jump-start on the design process. See how Leap SE can bring both speed and quality to your project, shorten your development schedule, and save your business money.